Stonemark's impact on a project’s outcome is greatest at the planning stage. After evaluating all project variables, we create a comprehensive project model that clarifies programmatic and budgetary objectives.


  • Prepare feasibility studies
  • Coordinate master planning
  • Assemble a professional project team
  • Analyze entitlement and permitting requirements
  • Lead team in obtaining discretionary approvals and environmental assessments
  • Establish pro-forma budgets
  • Create early construction cost estimates
  • Determine and analyze cash flow requirements
Building Confidence

Stonemark Construction Management is a highly respected full-service firm with offices in Los Angeles and Santa Barbara, California. We are dedicated construction professionals with 35+ years of experience, expertly qualified to offer comprehensive design and construction management services for custom homes & residential estates, commercial buildings, sacred spaces and homeowner associations. As the Owner's Representative we reduce costs, construction time and stress by providing top-level management for your project. Our system of high-level supervision, risk management, cost control and communication expertise affords the client, architect and project team greater control, resulting in superior quality and reduced costs and liability.

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