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Bart Mendel is an expert in the field of construction management and building science. An accomplished and dynamic lecturer, he is available to speak at conferences, tradeshows, seminars, meetings and industry events, and host lectures or panel discussions that are eligible for continuing education credit. Presentation topics include Construction Management, Risk Management and Preventing Construction Defects.

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  • The Bottom Line: How to Build a Cool Project, WestEdge Design Fair 2014
  • Construction Project Management: Tools for Managing the Process, LA Bar Assoc.
  • The "A" Team - Successful Partnering on Luxury Estate Projects, PDC's Westweek
  • The Pros Know - Constructing the Best Team for Your Project, John Aaroe Group
  • Sacred Architecture, Institute of Classical Architecture & Art
  • Preventing Construction Defects, American Institute of Architects
  • Limiting Liability During Construction, American Institute of Architects
  • Could'a Would'a Should'a, Community Associations Institute
  • Building Design and Mold, American Institute of Architects
  • Construction Management for Estate Projects, Domestic Estate Managers Association
  • Limiting Risk During Construction, Private Law Firms
  • Contract & Insurance Issues, Private Law Firms
  • Construction Essentials for Property Managers, Private Management Companies
  • Legal Ramifications of Deferred Maintenance, Community Associations Institute
  • Contract Negotiations, Community Associations Institute
  • Success Stories in Association Management, Community Associations Institute
  • Critical Issues Facing Community Associations, Community Associations Institute
  • Life Expectancy of Building Systems, Community Associations Institute
  • When Do You Need a Construction Manager?, Community Associations Institute
  • Aging Communities, Community Associations Institute
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