LUA, Inc. recently completed a large residential estate project in Montecito with Stonemark.The great success of the project was a result of the exceptional teamwork and communication that was fostered by Stonemark and the larger project team. Stonemark’s team was honest, timely, professional, and served as an exceptional construction manager and Owner’s Representative. I recommend Stonemark highly, and look forward to working with them again in the future.

- Leonard Unander, Principal, LUA, Inc.


Stonemark offers a full slate of design and construction management services that provide significant benefits for our clients. Our emphasis on early planning and preconstruction services translates into a professionally managed project with less risk. For each project, we customize a scope of work and assemble and manage a professional team to work together efficiently and harmoniously.

We reduce costs through competitive bidding and a streamlined process that minimizes change orders and eliminates duplication. We ensure quality control, reducing the potential for defects and rework, and shorten schedules by alleviating bottlenecks and resolving issues quickly and fairly. Our rigorous document and budget controls assure proper disbursement of funds and protect clients from unnecessary liability and risk. But, the most important service we provide is leadership, as a well-managed team and project produce the most successful results.

Our ability to optimize results starts with a carefully conceived and clearly defined plan that incorporates scope and costs for informed decision-making.

We analyze variables, allocate resources and assemble the most qualified team.

We provide full-spectrum support throughout the build phase to keep construction on time and on budget.

Property Assessment
Our site and building assessments aid financial planning by analyzing lifecycle and maintenance issues.

Defect Analysis & Repair
We create an efficient repair process by evaluating defects and preparing a cost-effective reconstruction plan.

Green Building
We can build energy and resource efficiency into any plan, positively impacting clients, communities and the environment.

Building Confidence

Stonemark Construction Management is a highly respected full-service firm with offices in Los Angeles and Santa Barbara, California. We are dedicated construction professionals with 35+ years of experience, expertly qualified to offer comprehensive design and construction management services for custom homes & residential estates, commercial buildings, sacred spaces and homeowner associations. As the Owner's Representative we reduce costs, construction time and stress by providing top-level management for your project. Our system of high-level supervision, risk management, cost control and communication expertise affords the client, architect and project team greater control, resulting in superior quality and reduced costs and liability.

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