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Stonemark was established in 1997 by respected construction professional Bart Mendel. Our senior personnel have decades of experience providing a full spectrum of construction management services for commercial buildings, upscale residences, sacred spaces and multi-family projects. Our projects and clients are diverse, but our philosophy remains the same—to bring a harmonious approach to the inherent challenges of construction.

As an independent construction manager, we view your entire project from a clear, unbiased perspective, using our expertise to maximize efficiencies, streamline budgets, reduce risk and facilitate communication and cooperation between all parties. We serve as the Owner’s Representative from inception to delivery, protecting your interests by providing top-level management that optimizes your project’s potential. Retaining us not only results in superior quality and service, it can provide significant cost savings as well.

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I have the highest regard for Stonemark, particularly through working with Bart Mendel who is the guiding compass for the firm. Their assessments and counsel are utterly sound and practical: I rely on the accuracy of their judgment, and look forward to the supportiveness of each interface. I have found that their diverse experience provides efficiencies that add value, ensuring the smooth course of the project. In my professional work, their project management makes a perfect collaboration to the artistry of my projects—a recipe for project success!

Isabelle Greene, Landscape Architect & Artist
Isabelle Greene & Associates, Inc