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A "How To" For The Construction Management Bidding Process

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Prequalification Procedures for Construction Management Projects

I am so often asked how to pre-qualify new vendors that I put together this list for quick reference.

As construction managers, we are constantly approached by new vendors who want to be considered for projects. Here is an outline that is sure to be helpful for anyone responsible for retaining contractors and vendors.

The first step in the bidding process is to carefully vet those whom you invite to bid. Standard pre-qualifications questions should start with licensure. Confirm they are licensed by the California State Licensing Board and that they have the correct, specific license to perform the work for which they are bidding (you don’t want to hire a painter to do carpentry work for instance). Inquire into their company stability, size and years in business. Include pre-qualification questions such as:

  1. Has the contractor worked with these materials and this manufactured system before?
  2. Can they commit sufficient staff to complete your project on schedule? What other projects do they have that may compete with yours for attention?
  3. Take the time to view similar projects they’ve completed.
  4. Ask to meet the individual that will be assigned to your project- ensure he has performed work on projects of similar size and dollar value?
  5. What warranties and extended care considerations should you be aware of?\
  6. Check References! You’d be surprised at the type and extent of information references can give you if you simply take the time to ask.

If you need more information, don’t hesitate to check out our blog, educational articles, or call me directly (800) 844-9240. Best regards!

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