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Deck Coating Options. The original plaza deck coating system is a combination of elastomeric bottom layer that is flexible and can span cracks and allows for movement, with a top cementitious layer, the epoxy rock, which provides protection for the elastomeric layer. This is a high quality system that has lasted twenty years, and we recommend replacement systems that mirror this concept. We have investigated multiple systems and manufacturers for use in this project to replace the existing elastomeric/epoxy rock combination.

Floating deck coating systems are a multi-layered component assembly normally trowel applied over a floating base sheet. In our experience this system is generally specified for application over wood decking, on smaller private decks. It has many disadvantages in terms of the time of installation, involving often seven-coat application and significant downtime. The latex layers are easily damaged and the system requires the application of new topcoat approximately every four to five years.

Cementitious deck coating system products carry the benefit of durability; however, they do not allow for flexibility with regards to movement or existing cracks in the slab.

Elastomeric deck coating systems are liquid-applied urethane rubber that are generally catalyzed with water during the mixing process at installation. These systems have excellent elastic properties and are similar to the bottom layer of the existing plaza deck coating. This is our recommended application for private decks but not for plaza decks which get much heavier traffic.

Flexible cementitious coating system is a trowel-applied multi-layer system with significant elastic properties in its first coat and protective properties in its topcoats. Its combination of flexibility and protection is ideal for the plaza deck application and is very similar in concept to the original elastomeric/epoxy rock.

Elastomeric deck coating with faux finish. This is a hybrid system including a bottom layer of elastomeric with a top layer of cementitious coating. The aesthetics and price of this system are similar to the flexible cementitious coating option and we also recommend this system for the plaza decks. For this Association, we recommended this product.

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