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HOA Waterproofing Challenges for Construction Management

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The Association’s plaza deck is a very large system of walkways, planters and pools posing numerous waterproofing challenges.  In most projects of this nature, there is a structural concrete slab poured flat, and then a waterproofing layer installed, with another slab poured on top.  It is normally this final slab that is sloped to drain.

The existing deck coating system is comprised of a layer of elastomeric-type coating on the original structural concrete slab, topped with an aggregate mixture commonly called “epoxy rock” At some later time, the epoxy rock was coated with another material, a thin waterproofing membrane or “paint” of some kind, in an apparent effort to extend the life expectancy of the system or improve appearance.  This combination of elastomeric waterproofing with a cementitious topcoat is quite a good system in that the elastomeric will elongate to span cracks and allow for movement while the cementitious system is very durable and protects the waterproofing from pedestrian traffic and UV rays.  There are numerous cracks in the existing coating, which are either radiating from the structural slab in some cases, particularly at cold joints, or are hairline cracks in the epoxy rock membrane itself.

Plaza deck before project

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