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Problems Discovered During Destructive Testing

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The basic problem we discovered during destructive testing is that the bottom plates for the exterior walls are set with very little clearance, ½” or less, to the level of the adjacent plaza decks.  Standard of care requires a 1″ clearance between the bottom of the weep screed, and the actual top of the slab (including the waterproofing layer).  The bottom plates and weep screeds were literally buried below the top of the epoxy rock coating.  The original contractor should have installed the concrete with a raised area at the building pad.

This lack of separation at the exterior wall has resulted in excessive moisture penetrating into the building envelope, causing disintegration of the building paper behind the stucco. At one area, the paper had failed three feet above the level of the weep screed because this condition allows moisture to wick up through capillary action into the stucco system. Constant moisture rots the building paper which is designed to shed water and subsequently dry out.  Once the paper starts rotting, a vicious cycle ensues that allows further water infiltration into the building envelope.  This condition creates significant problems with regards to waterproofing and will be repaired as part of the construction project.

Deck coating buries weep screed

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