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St. Jerome Parish Hall: LEED Silver Certification

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benefits of green construction leed silver certification

When St. Jerome Parish in Culver City began master planning for renovation of its busy urban 6.5 acre campus, the parishioners voted to “Go Green” to reduce its effect on the environment and natural resources. Originally built in 1949, the campus includes a sanctuary, convent and school. Substantial updates and renovations to the 17,706 SF Community Hall were sorely needed. The building housed the gymnasium and senior center on the main floor and a multi-purpose room and kitchen in the basement. 

This project had essential features that fit very well into LEED criteria. The existing building was to be reused without extensive demolition of structural elements and without creating new parking or extensive site work. These aspects of the project helped parishioners reduce the impact on the environment through reducing emissions from vehicles, diverting waste from landfills and preserving undeveloped land. To achieve LEED standard other elements were also included such as:

  • Extensive site improvements
  • Upgrade of all MEP systems to LEED standards
  • New rest rooms with water-conserving fixtures
  • New commercial kitchen
  • Theatrical stage lighting
  • State-of-the-art lighting & lighting control systems
  • New gym flooring and equipment
  • New skylights
  • Re-used & recycled content materials
  • New EV Charging Station

As the prime LEED consultant, Stonemark coordinated the LEED certification process and directed the project design, engineering and consultant teams. The Parish was proud that their project was the first LEED Silver certification awarded for the Archdiocese of Los Angeles. 

See St. Jerome’s project page here. And for more ideas and information about green building see our informative articles:

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