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Stonemark's Bart Mendel to Speak at WestEdge 2014 Design Fair

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As part of this year’s WestEdge Design Fair, Bart Mendel, William Hefner and Monique Lafia will present “The Bottom Line:  How to Build a COOL project without getting into HOT Water”.  The panel, moderated by Susan McFadden of California Homes, will share best practices for building and designing large-scale residential projects.  Bart, president of Stonemark, one of LA’s foremost Owner’s Representative firms, will discuss:

  • The role of a construction manager, also known as an Owner’s Rep.
  • The significant advantages & benefits of a construction manager for clients.
  • Anecdotes about “projects gone wrong” for which Stonemark was brought in mid-way, how early and proper CM procedures would have prevented the problems, and saved the client time, money and aggravation!
  • How a good CM makes everyone on the entire project shine! (i.e., what differentiates Stonemark from other Owner’s Reps in the LA luxury market.)

The presentation is Saturday, October 18 at 1pm. Visit WestEdge’s website for more information and to register.

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