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Green Construction & the LEED Process

How Does Green Building Reduce Energy, Operating Costs & Increase Worker Productivity?

The LEED process explores all opportunities for improvement, including a pragmatic focus on life cycle costs and payback analysis, energy conservation, daylighting, recycling, use of sustainable and environmentally friendly materials and techniques.  The effort in “greening” a project is more than accumulating LEED points; it captures opportunities to achieve real efficiencies in energy and ultimately user comfort.  Options vary from adding elements such as recycling, reduced water usage and environmentally friendly materials, to incorporating a comprehensive energy and facility master plan. In addition to the obvious reduction of negative environmental impacts, employees and clients benefit from an environmentally friendly building and a more comfortable work space in the areas of thermal control, daylighting and views, and indoor air quality.

Regardless of whether or not a project “goes green”, Stonemark always explores and incorporates all opportunities to improve our projects and our environment.  Options include adding in a few green elements to performing a comprehensive evaluation of project-wide opportunities for green/sustainable design.

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