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Dedication to the Spiritual Path

It is no accident that Stonemark’s president Bart Mendel is such a dedicated champion for the Milarepa Center, a major meditation center currently under development in upstate New York. Bart has been a Buddhist practitioner and teacher for over 35 years and has taught mindfulness and awareness practices extensively throughout the US, Canada and Europe. He and his wife Suzan Garner have been closely involved in the development of the Milarepa Center with Stonemark serving as the construction manager through its land acquisition, due diligence, entitlements, design, engineering and site infrastructure, and finally now during building construction.  Bart and Suzan also aspire to develop a contemplative center for the Central Coast to create positive change in individuals, our communities and the environment.

Sacred Architecture.  Bart is referred to as the ‘Zen Master of the bottom line’ because he manages complex, multi-layered construction projects with precision, knowledge, and harmony. He credits his Buddhist practice as the source of his patience, talent and success at Stonemark’s helm. As a way to share his passion for contemplative practice, study of sacred symbolism and the world of construction, Bart created the presentation, “Sacred Architecture”.  A visual feast, it includes not only Buddhist architecture but also Shinto, Catholic and other traditions, with a focus of creating harmony through design. Harmony manifests when body and mind are synchronized, which is encouraged by the proper relation of people to their environment. This is expressed in the terms heaven, earth and man. Heaven is inspiration, earth is ground or practicality, and man ideally joins the two. When heaven and earth are in proper balance, man is in harmony. Because architecture in the past has been used as a means of spiritual expression, Bart explores how these elements have historically been applied to sacred architecture, and how they are just as applicable to the design of our buildings and homes today.

If you are interested in learning more about sacred architecture, or would like to schedule the presentation for your group, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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