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The Cornerstones for the New Building Are Set!

On July 25, 2013, a small group gathered at the top of the retreat center land to bless the soon-to-be start of construction for the four new buildings of the Milarepa Center. Two stones—one marked 2014 for the Gregorian year, one marked 2557 for the Buddha era—were propped before an altar. These were the cornerstones of the new building, which the members of the Center and Cragsmoor neighbors had come to witness being set into the ground. The Vice President of Dharmakaya made a few opening remarks, then the Spiritual Director and Resident Teacher recited prayers in Tibetan, blessing the stones, the site, and the project. It made for an auspicious beginning!

The Milarepa Center, named after an 11th century Tibetan Buddhist yogi and poet, will be a 90-acre residential retreat center that will offer a quiet place for many to relax. “We really don’t have time to think about ourselves and our well-being,” said Trungram Gyaltrul Rinpoche, founder and spiritual director of Dharmakaya. “Sometimes it’s important to slow down a little bit and observe our own well-being. This Center will offer such an opportunity.”

Watch for our next blog post to see the ground-breaking ceremony!

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