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Milarepa Center

Did you know that Stonemark Construction Management is the Owner’s Representative for a new Buddhist Meditation Center in upstate New York? This unique project is ambitious, exciting and inspiring in so many ways that we decided to share it with you. Located on a wooded, 90-acre rural property near the site of the famous Woodstock music festival, the master plan for this complex will comprise 68,000 square feet in 15 buildings, all dedicated to the study and pursuit of meditation practices and Buddhist studies. The Milarepa Center is the first phase of this project, which includes 4 main buildings and infrastructure.

The Center is part of the larger Mahamudra Hermitage, the vision of Trungram Gyaltrul Rinpoche PhD. His goal is to share the traditional Buddhist teachings with practitioners at all levels—from beginners, to those desiring to deepen their understanding by undergoing retreats of various durations. It is important to integrate both mind and body into practice. Physical well-being sets the foundation for successful meditation, which in turn enables practitioners to gain clarity of mind and, ultimately, wisdom. As a dedicated meditation center, these integrated principles are also being applied to the physical construction of the buildings and the Center as a whole. All buildings will be designed to harmonize with the area’s natural beauty and will incorporate advanced sustainable and energy-saving techniques including passive house construction and a geothermal well field. A 27-acre buffer and conservation easement will surround the buildings and extensive landscaping in developed areas and quiet walking trails will leave much of the forest undisturbed.

Join us in this ongoing blog as we share not only the project journey, but the spiritual dimensions of building a Buddhist Meditation Center: where seeking harmony is as much a part of the process as engineering and bulldozers. You will never look at building the same way again!

To learn more about the Milarepa Center, visit the Dharmakaya’s website  and treat yourself to a few minutes of inspiration by clicking on this link to view the video.

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