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Stonemark has managed a wide variety of major commercial construction management projects, giving us the breadth of experience to guide your project successfully from entitlement to delivery. Our extensive portfolio ranges from the historic to the contemporary, including the high-profile restoration of the Reagan Ranch Center museum in Santa Barbara, and developments with complex entitlements and major renovations. We control the unique variables of each project, managing change while accelerating schedules within predefined budget and quality parameters. Stonemark’s thorough control systems ensure confidence in the building process, allowing clients to focus on their own core business while their projects are underway.

Stonemark is very intentional in how they bring strong leadership to each project. They have the finesse to both systematically manage the client’s expectations in controlling the budget and the timeline, and be the catalyst in empowering the overall design team to work cohesively, which allows us to creatively push the envelope inside the best interests of the client and project. We always look forward to working with Stonemark on our most complex and demanding projects.

Russell Shubin, Partner
ShubinDonaldson Architects