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Surfside III

Investigation & cost benefit analysis leads to successful repair plan

Stonemark performed a detailed assessment for this 309-unit homeowner association on the waterfront, including an investigation & analysis of building envelope conditions, prototype piping repairs, metallurgical laboratory testing of piping samples and budgeting & cost benefit analysis of a number of alternative technologies. These thorough investigations led to a successful plumbing replacement, elevator modernization and water infiltration & building envelope repair project. Stonemark’s evaluation & cost savings strategies allowed additional buildings to be included in advance of schedule.

Location Port Hueneme, CA Project Defect Analysis & Capital Improvement Type Condominiums Size 309 Homes Services Planning, Preconstruction & Construction

I was a Board member during the multi-year, extensive repair project for Surfside III. We had a LOT going on! We had to get in people’s homes, tear out walls, pipes, leaving them without showers and toilets… There was no way we could have handled it all without the professionalism of Stonemark. First of all, their investigation and assessment services actually reduced the scope of work we needed to perform, and provided creative alternates that were less expensive and still solved our problems. They were great support for the Board in how they assisted with managing our homeowners, and produced newsletters that communicated complex, and unpopular, project news in a way that got everyone on board as much as possible, making the Board’s job much easier. They provided wise funding assistance and their careful budget management enabled us to stretch our dollars to perform repairs in more buildings than we had anticipated. We would recommend them to any association!

Ira Green, Treasurer
Surfside III