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Managing unique, elegant residential estates in Beverly Hills

Stonemark has a sterling reputation for construction management services for luxury projects in the affluent and exclusive enclaves of Beverly Hills, as well as nearby Los Angeles neighborhoods of Bel Air, Holmby Hills and Brentwood. Our custom residential homes & estate projects range from 10,000 to 40,000 SF and include an historical renovation of a 1926 Wallace Neff house and contemporary homes designed by Studio William Hefner and designers such as Joan Behnke & Associates, Magni Kalman and Michael S. Smith.

Building your dream home in the unique environment of Beverly Hills requires a comprehensive grasp of the myriad plan review processes, zoning restrictions and ordinances that control development. The Community Development Department performs building plan check services and the Architectural Review Commission makes decisions regarding aesthetics. The Design Review Commission reviews a proposed new home’s compliance with the Beverly Hills Mansionization Ordinance (BMO) which evaluates a proposed project’s style and size compatibility with surrounding homes in the neighborhood. Areas in Beverly Hills fall under the City of Los Angeles’ Hillside Ordinance (Hillside R-1) that requires additional conditions of approval in identified hillside zones based on established percentage calculations for lot size, total allowable structure size and height, view preservation, slope restrictions, grading allowances, retaining walls and basements. The City of Los Angeles’ haul route and import/export restrictions add to those of Beverly Hills because trucks going into and out of Beverly Hills must utilize City streets. Additional approvals are required for each adjacent jurisdiction the trucks may traverse in their path out of the City. Early planning is essential to navigate all of these requirements. Close monitoring and expert management of the developing plans are needed to expedite the turnaround time for each review cycle and maneuver your project through successful approvals and project completion.

Stonemark’s philosophy is simple: manage the project professionally and collaboratively. Our sophisticated construction management processes and comprehensive services enable us to exceed our clients’ needs and expectations while protecting their best interests. We believe in controlling the cost, schedule and quality of fine architecture without sacrifice to the original vision of each project. Our communications and management expertise result in substantial savings for our Beverly Hills clients.
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Stonemark is A+ top-of-the-line in our books. We love recommending them to our clients. They bring a high level of professionalism and expertise that is so important in our complex projects, particularly the sensitive hillside properties in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles.

Jason H Somers, President
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