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Malibu construction and development services

Malibu is located just west of Los Angeles, and is known for celebrity houses and wide, sandy beaches. It boasts 21 miles of beaches, with many parks located along the coast to enjoy the shoreline. Stonemark Construction Management has provided residential construction management in Malibu for a wide variety of major high end residential and also commercial projects for over 15 years. By successfully delivering projects of significant complexity, we have earned the respect and endorsement of Los Angeles’ elite architects, designers and builders.

Our residential portfolio has encompassed single-family homes, multi-family developments, senior living and capital improvements to commercial buildings. Our commercial projects have spanned many business sectors throughout the Los Angeles basin, including health care, entertainment, hospitality and others. And we’ve provided construction management services for numerous sacred spaces and church projects throughout the Archdiocese of Los Angeles.

Malibu was formerly part of the County of Los Angeles. Since it’s incorporation into the City of Malibu in 1991, the planning and building departments are well-known for difficult and time-consuming approvals that require construction projects to go through a myriad of permitting processes, zoning restrictions and ordinances that control construction in the area. This requires a methodical approach to the identification of permit requirements, conditions compliance and entitlement timelines. Approvals must be obtained from jurisdictional authorities including the Malibu Planning Department.  The entire City of Malibu is located within the California coastal zone, which requires that all projects within the City limits unless exempt are subject to the Local Coastal Program.

Stonemark’s residential and commercial construction management process educates and leads owners through the challenges of permitting, design and construction in Malibu, while continuing to protect their best interests. Our services integrate cost controls and risk management services with an atmosphere of teamwork, collaboration and open communication. This creates less stress for the owner and a leads to a motivated team. Our proven construction management expertise saves our clients time and money – and brings a balanced approach to construction in the challenging Malibu environment.

Our Work

Acting as construction managers, Stonemark became a member of our project team before our architectural firm completed the construction documentation on perhaps one of the most challenging historic rehabilitation projects in the City of Santa Barbara. Stonemark infused the process with a structured methodology and organizational and communication protocols that allowed the Owner’s construction dollars to be applied to their best use. The end result was a high quality real estate asset that was delivered on time and on budget.

Jan Hochhauser, AIA
Hochhauser Blatter Associates